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Choose your Course

  • If youve been assigned a course it will have a Star next to the title and display in your My Courses List.
  • Click on the Course Title or Start Course/Continue to begin.
  • Click on "Lesson" to start.
  • Click "Exam" when you've completed the lesson, passing score is passing score is 70% or 80% - posted within the course data.
  • Be sure that all pop-up blockers are turned off.

Select courses from the Course Catalog

  • Click "Search Courses" icon.
  • Click "Profession & State", "Professional Organization".
  • You can search by Keyword, or narrow your search by entering a Profession, State, Category or Accrediting Body.
  • Choose CE courses by entering Profession and State or Professional Organization for credit for your license.
  • Click on "Enroll" only 1 step!
  • You may select additional courses with or without a new search.
  • You can click on the green My Courses Button on right side of page to go back to the My Courses page to start your course.

Add your Professional License

  • Click the "My Licenses" Icon.
  • Select Profession and State or Professional Organization.
  • Choose your license by highlighting under step 3, then click the "Add" button.
  • Enter your license information: License Number, Expiration Date, Reminder Date and click "Save" button.
  • You may enter multiple licenses.

To see your Certificate

  • Click the "My Certificates" Icon.
  • Certificate will be available after passing the Exam and completing the Survey.
  • Select Non License Specific or your license from the drop down box.
  • For CE certificates, your license information must be in My Licenses.
  • You can view and print your certificates by clicking the icon in "Download Certificate" column.

To see how many Credit Hours you need

  • Select the "My Licenses" Icon or License Requirements tab.
  • For your license, click "View" in the "License Requirements" column.
  • The number of hours needed for license, maximum on-line education hours and contact information for your licensing board are located here.


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